You are a professional in a management or leadership position, working with educated, intelligent people. As a leader, you are dealing with the consequences of poor communication, unstable relationships, and mistrust on your team. Those consequences might be lost productivity, active or brewing conflict, unmet objectives, and low morale.

You know that communcation and behavioral skils create a stronger team. You also know that by helping your team members reach their full potential, you help your whole firm. 


A wise woman known for getting to the heart of the matter. Skilled communicator. Passionate teacher. Energetic presenter. Focused facilitator. Motivating coach. Practical advisor and perceptive observer. Proud owner of decades of experience helping professionals improve interpersonal, communication, and business development skills.

You + Me

Together, we can make great things happen in your firm. The power comes from combining my abilities with your desire to create more intentional and skilled leaders, managers, and team members.  Let's get started.